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Runes for modern life

Runes for modern life

Runes are divination tools that make up an ancient alphabet system. This updated version provides guidance for twenty-first century needs. Use these cards to find deeper meaning in your life and awaken your insight. Each of the 24 cards features a colourful contemporary illustration along with a symbol of the runic alphabet. The detailed booklet explains the different interpretations of each rune and offers various ways to use them for the present day. Wondering about your love life, finances or career? Consult the runes!


Theresa Cheung is based in the UK and has been researching and writing about dreams and spirituality for 25 years. Camilla Perkins is an illustrator based in Brighton. She has produced her distinctively colourful, patterned illustrations for clients including BBC Good Food, Lenny Letter, The British Council and Penguin Books.

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Afmetingen: 15,9 x 11,9 cm

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