Daisy Jones and The Six - Taylor Jenkins Reid

€ 12,50

Everybody knows Daisy Jones and the Six. From the moment Daisy walked barefoot on to the stage at the Whisky, she and the band were a sensation. their sound defined an era. their albums were on every turntable. they sold out arenas from coast to coast. This is the story of their incredible rise: the desire, the rivalry - and the music. then, on 12 July 1979, Daisy Jones and the Six split up. Nobody knew why. Until now. . .

Reads like an addictive Netflix documentary meets A Star Is Born - despite being utterly fictional. Its also a call-to-arms that when you find your niche, dont doubt, embrace it.

Sex, drugs and rock n roll? You bet, but its Daisys refusal to become a mere muse that powers this buzzy music-industry romance. The characters leap off the page, seducing you with their dramas, and making you wish the band was real.

'Heat the heady haze of the 70s music scene, and a perfectly flawed Daisy, combine to create a fresh, rock n roll read. I loved it.' Ali Land, author of Good Me Bad Me